Meet the Photographer and Creator

Emrys Rowles

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"
-John Lennon

Emrys Rowles is Dream Street's star Photographer and creator. Growing up in Australia, Emrys developed a passion for thinking outside the box at a young age. He demonstrates an entrepreneurial flare, which first took the form of creating a mobile car washing business at the age of 12. Among other early ventures, Emrys' mobile car washing business quickly became popular among local residence for its convenience and well polished service.

Emrys' unrelenting love for the natural world first drew him towards landscape photography. Predominantly focusing his photography skills on capturing alluring and dynamic landscape shots, Emrys soon became a recognized landscape photographer. However, he realized that his photos were missing something...

A personal touch.

Diving head first into the realm of portrait photography, while still incorporating an atmospheric edge in his art, Emrys has found his true obsession. He casts people of all walks of life in their best light, aspiring to make them feel like the megastars they are.

The only hard part is finding him! Becoming a travelling minimalist, Emrys has never stopped thinking unconventionally and moving forward. Forever conceiving new ways to bring more value to others, now at the age of 30, Emrys has combined his love of portrait photography, with his passion of travelling, to create Dream Street Portraits. Put simply, his aim to add value to others and the world through his photography.

Dream Street Portraits was created in 2019 by photographer, world wanderer, and dreamer Emrys Rowles. We are all told if we combine what we love with what we have been individually gifted with, good things happen.

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