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Dream Street Studios

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Current location: Bucharest, Romania.

Dream Street is a traveling light art portrait photography studio. It's for those wishing to capture a moment in time magically brought to life with the art of light painting. We produce our unique photo sessions direct to the public from the best photo locations across Europe. Free of charge. Happiness Guaranteed.

That's right! We do not charge for what we do. Our main objective is to add value to others and the world by creating emotionally moving light art portraiture. Not to make a profit. For us, providing people with a memorable experience and beautiful portrait images is reward enough.

How do we pay for equipment and travel expenses? We get funded by people who appreciate our work! People like you can show your support by buying us a coffee! Check out our Buy Me a Coffee page for more info.

Funds we raise allows Dream Street to stretch further across the globe while sharing along the way the love of portrait photography.

How do our photo sessions work?

Currently, you will find us anywhere around Bucharest from the center to Old Town. We post our session times and location on Facebook the day before. With our bright tube lights, it's not difficult to identify us. 

Come one come all! With the right location and light, limitless styles of light art portraiture are possible! What type of portrait would you like? Talk with our photographers, or check out our Featured Portraits gallery for inspiration.

We will walk you through your shoot step by step or let you naturally shine if you are so inclined. We love what we do, and it shows in both the atmosphere we create and the results we produce! The shoot usually takes about 10 minutes. 

Next, we will save your stunning new portrait images to your password-protected gallery on our secure website dreamstreetportraits.com.

Afterward, you can access and share them immediately. Go to Find Your Gallery on the top menu to find and download your portraits.

We take your security and privacy seriously. Only those with your unique password will have access. Feel free to share your gallery password with friends and family. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

That's it!

Easy like a Sunday Morning.

Perhaps, even easier :)

We can help you print your images too!

As a bonus, we have partnered with Loxley Colouran award-winning print production lab just outside Glasgow. 

Loxley has remained a family-run print lab for over 30 years, supporting professional photographers across the UK and Europe. Loxley offers a wide range of award-winning products, most of which are hand made and eco-friendly. Loxley's large facility allows for the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

One of our core values here at Dream Street is the protection and conservation of the little blue dot we call Earth. We believe that caring for the Earth and ALL of its inhabitants is not only necessary but crucial to the prosperity of all living things. To show our unshakable dedication to promoting and contributing towards a greener Earth, we donate half of our online shop profits to Greenpeace International.


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